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There is information about my philosophical concept on a site, some biographic facts, photos (see page “New Russian philosophy”), electronic texts of 22 books and different articles, manuscripts (see page “My books, clauses and manuscripts”), 4 numbers of magazine “The category” (see page “Magazine “The category””, “The library of magazine”), materials on practical philosophy (see page “The center of practical philosophy”),
textbook “The philosophy, the teaching aid”, “The ethics”, “The entertaining philosophy”, “The portraits of philosophers” (see page “For students”),
articles about running (see page “Philosophy, running, a life”),
project of the academy of philosophy (see corresponding page), page “Virtual Academy of philosophy”,
books of different authors on subject of magazine “The category” (see page “Magazine “The category”. Library of magazine”).

I invite philosophers and everyone who sympathizes with philosophy for collaboration.
Phone +7 (495) 397-77-91. The e-mail address: lev_balashov@mail.ru
The post address: 115583, Moscow, Voronezhskaya street 9, flat №110. To BALASHOV Lev Evdokimovich

I ask visitors of the site to leave the information about their visits in the Guest book or to inform to the e-mail address.


Мои ресурсы
Guest book Гостевая книга
New Russian philosophy. About me. Новая русская философия. Обо мне
List books, articles. Список моих книг, статей
My books. Мои книги
My manuscripts and articles. Мои рукописи, статьи и тезисы
My texts english (Мои тексты на английском языке)
Humanistic Manifest. Гуманистический манифест
Practical Philosophy or Sophology. Практическая философия или софология. (Перевод на англ. - Аско Корпела)
Abstracts “Category Picture of World (Category Logic of Thinking)”. Тезисы "Категориальная картина мира (категориальная логика мышления)"
PHILOSOPHY: textbook (fragments). Философия: учебник (фрагменты)
Liberalism. Либерализм
The person is a measure of all things … Человек - мера всех вещей...
Human’s happiness. Человеческое счастье
About Love.Fragments. О любви. Фрагменты
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